What Is Bioresonance?

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We live in a world where we see more illness than any other time in history. Typical medical science has gone a long way in helping those who deal with illness both long term or otherwise yet we are still lacking in just how we can not only heal but prevent illness. The answer to filling in the gap between optimal health and the medical community just may be Bio-Resonance.

Bio-Resonance is a simple concept. It is the resonance effect occurring in a biological organism. These organisms can include pathogens such as parasites or viruses or human organs such as the heart, lungs and liver. Resonance is the forced vibration of an object when exposed to waves that matches the object’s natural oscillating frequency which is the rate at which an object will oscillate or vibrate in the absence of an imposing force.

All human organs have their own natural frequency. Bioresonance is affective in exposing the target site to electromagnetic waves that match its natural oscillating frequency. When the energy produced by the electromagnetic waves is strong enough the end result is a healthier target site.

When the body gets sick the natural frequency of the organ or organ system affected drops but when the organ or organ system is exposed to bio-resonance its frequency begins to revert back up to its original frequency thus healing the organ or organ system.

How Quantum Biofeedback and Vector works?

Vector has a highly sophisticated quantum biofeedback device that identifies stress in the body at the electro-magnetic level. Then, through biofeedback it provides data in the form of recommended homeopathic solutions, electro-acupuncture, meridian and naturopathic balancing, to the practitioner and client/patient in easy to understand numbers, charts and text.


The quantum biofeedback system has three main components: 1) the software; 2) sensors attached by a harness to the head,  which are placed on the client. The sensors measure and feed resonance information between the Vector interface box and the computer; and 3) the interface box, which generates the signals received by the software.

Quantum Biofeedback utilizes electromagnetic frequencies to help align the body’s electrical impulses, reducing stress related to health imbalances. Specialized software controls electrodes placed around the body, which deliver targeted energy patterns. The Vector is able to read the body’s response to the program, and can adjust the treatment accordingly.


Biofeedback is a well-established modality of treatment which, when combined with medical treatments, allows the patient to achieve better health outcomes.  Biofeedback is currently used to extensively in medical practice.  Examples of biofeedback devices which deliver treatments into the patient would include the well-known TENS machine.

Extensive research over the past 75 years or more has increased the sophistication of treatment options of this type of therapy.  The Vector device, has combined all the known modalities of biofeedback and stress reduction into the powerful computer based program.

What will I feel after a session?

The changes are subtle.  Since you are rebuilding the body’s electrical foundation, this can take some time to recognize.  However, most people immediately feel more calm, peace and clarity after a session.  Health benefits vary.


How long do the therapies hold?

That depends on how long the imbalance has been in your system and also how willing you are to take the information provided by your practitioner and make the necessary lifestyle changes.


How many sessions do I need?

Some people get results in 1 session, while with other patients it may take up to 10 sessions if there is a long term imbalance.  Most people experience about 6 sessions.  This can be done in ANY length of time.  Normally, we recommend you start with 2 sessions in a row, and decrease with time and results.  However, many people enjoy the benefits of biofeedback to ‘fine tune’ and obtain optimal health and/or use the device for preventative measures.